O&O Concreting employs 12 fulltime qualified tradesman & 2 foreman that oversee all works. A consistent pool of additional tradesman are utilised as required to service projects of all sizes. Staff have specific experience and qualifications (Cert III – Concrete Construction) in civil and residential concrete construction allowing for efficient and quality construction of:

  • Vehicle driveways (light and heavy duty)
  • Culvert crossings
  • Residential slabs (ground and suspended)
  • Low-rise buildings
  • Civil construction elements
  • Shed slabs
  • Commercial and Industrial slabs
  • Carparks
  • Footpaths (Local Council spec and private)
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Kerb and channel

Design and Estimating

O&O Concreting offers the value added option to our clients of ‘in-house’ detailed design by experienced designers and engineers which results in a more efficient & economical project design and construct.

O&O Concreting can prepare and lodge Council applications on our client’s behalf to allow for construction (if required by local Council) to further expedite the process.

Project estimating is completed ‘in-house’ which results in efficient ¬†and accurate tendering for our clients.

All O&O Concreting construction is supervised by Engineers and Site Supervisors from ‘Owen Consulting Engineers’ ensuring that all works are constructed adhering strictly to design plans and specifications resulting in a quality product.

‘Owen Consulting Engineers’, where required, can certify all construction undertaken by O&O Concreting resulting in an efficient process including design, supply, construct, supervise and certify.